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She probably shouldn't have stolen the guns and gold from those bandits. And getting that bounty put on her head doesn't help much either. The lawmen aren't too far behind the bandits. No way out of this one, might as well go out with a hell of a bang.

A frantic and fast-paced 2D arena shooter with an eye for (gun) details. Earn a high score and increase the bounty on your head while fighting on a runaway train crawling with enemies.


  • 8 Unique guns that mimic their real life counter-parts
  • 4 Unique enemies and 2 variants
  • Shooting enemy bullets out of the air
  • Meticulously designed gun sounds
  • Nine train level layouts
  • Time of day background changes
  • Detailed lifetime stat tracking
  • Lifetime highest scores tracking
  • All original art and music
  • Unlockable cosmetic customization options
  • 50 unlockable achievements

We want to reach as many people as possible, so we will also be posting this game for free on various web portals like and GameJolt! However, if you like the game please consider supporting us by purchasing it on Steam.


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